7 Good Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat

Adopting a cat is one of the most important and rewarding decisions you can take. Caring for a cat will bring you and your household happiness, joy, and peace of mind. If you are still not convinced of the idea of welcoming a purring friend, here are 7 good reasons you should adopt a cat.

Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat #1: Reduce Stress

According to scientific research, cats produce vibrations that go from 20 to 140 hertz, a frequency that is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and induce relaxation and better sleep. As a bonus, petting a cat helps reduce the stress hormone (cortisol) and loneliness while it increases the feeling of reward, care, and love. Thus, becoming a cat owner could be good for your mental health.

Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat #2: Keep you Active

Cats enjoy being active as they are motivated by their hunting instinct. As a result, they charge around the home, climb up and down their scratching posts, trees and fences, and are literally attracted by any moving item/toy. Their active state can encourage you to get up and engage with them in physical activity. You can spend hours playing along with your cat!

Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat #3: Low Maintenance

Despite being friendly and demanding of pets and cuddles, cats also enjoy their own space and like to have “me time” from time to time. They are independent animals that can care for themselves and are low maintenance. Their personality is ideal for busy animal lovers. Cats are the cleanest pets you can own as they spend a fourth of their awake time caring for their personal hygiene. Unlike dogs, cats have a natural instinct to use their litter, avoiding any unnecessary mess. All you have to do is feed them, give them fresh water, clean the litter tray every now and then and that’s it!

Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat #4: Pest Control

By nature, cats are carnivore mammal hunters. In fact, their presence in your house can scare off any rodents since cats consist of their primary predators. Cats will also kill any moving fly, insect, or spider that it spots. If you adopt a cat, you’ll be sleeping with peace of mind.

Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat #5: Promote Health

In addition to enhancing your mental health, cats will also positively impact your physical health. They not only help you strengthen your immune system. According to a study made by the American Stroke Association, having a cat considerably reduces the possibility of death by a stroke. Last but not least, cats can reduce your allergies to other pets, ragweed, grass, and dust mites.

Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat #6: Adoption Saves Money

Buying a cat from a breeder or a pet store can be very costly. Top the amount up by the amount needed to vaccinate your new pet. Adopting a cat is totally free! Many shelters or private owners would already have the cat vaccinated and treated before putting it up for adoption as their priority is to safely re-home their foster cats.

Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat #7: Save a Life

Every living thing deserves a loving family and a second chance. If you adopt a cat from a shelter or rescue charity, that means that you saved a life. In addition, taking a cat home helps these facilities to rescue and welcome more cats. The feeling of saving a cat’s life is very fulfilling and it will help you create a life-lasting bond with a new furry friend.