Everything you need to know about animals

North American River Otter

The lively river otter of North America is well suited for semi-aquatic life. The creatures can stay warm when swimming in chilly waters because of their thick, insulating fur. They feature flattened heads, long, slender bodies, and webbed feet for s

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Green Sea Turtle

The top shell of a green sea turtle makes it the easiest to identify one. With the exception of its head and flippers, the animal’s body is mostly covered by its shell. The shell of a green sea turtle is not always green, despite its name. The

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A raccoon’s face is distinctive due to various markings. The black “mask,” which consists of big black marks around each eye, is the most conspicuous marking. They stretch from the bottom portion of the cheek to the border of the no

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Red Fox

Long snouts and red fur on the face, back, sides, and tail are characteristics of red foxes. They have a grayish-white abdomen, chin, and neck. Black paws and wide, pointed ears with a black tip are characteristics of red foxes. The fluffy white-tipp

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Gray Wolf

Timber wolves, often known as gray wolves, are canines with long, bushy tails that frequently have black tips. Their coat color can range from full white to brown or black, although it usually has buffy face markings and is a blend of gray and brown.

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Polar Bear

The biggest carnivorous land animal on Earth is the polar bear. From the tip of the nose to the end of their incredibly short tail, they are around seven to eight feet long. Polar bear males are much bigger than females. While a giant female is almos

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