10 Crazy Things Cats Do We Wish Someone Told Us About

There is no doubt that cats are the stars of all social media. Don’t we all love to see their cute paws, hear their purr and stare for hours at their cuteness? However, there is another side to cats that rarely appears on social media and that will get you thinking that your cat is broken. Don’t worry though, it’s normal cat behavior. Here are 10 crazy things about cats that we really wished we knew before adopting our first cat.

Crazy Things Cats Do #1: Kneading

Kitten press on their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow. This joyous feeling grows with them as they enjoy pressing their paws back and forth on people they love. When your adult cat starts kneading, this shows that it’s relaxed and happy.

Crazy Things Cats Do #2: Chattering

No, your cat is not broken. Cats tend to emit fast teeth chattering when they are excited after spotting watching a prey, yet frustrated that they can’t get it. For example, they chatter while watching birds outside the window. Other sounds you may encounter are chirping, yowling and hacking.

Crazy Things Cats Do #3: Hissing

Hissing is an emotional expression of discomfort, fear, or stress. If your cat is hissing, then it feels threatened, insecure, or simply not comfortable. In some cases, your cat might be feeling pain and use hissing to let you know that it’s not feeling okay. Some other times, cats hiss at the weirdest things, such as puffy indoor slippers.

Crazy Things Cats Do #4: Giving gifts

From time to time, cats show their appreciation to you by bringing you gifts. They would lay a dead mouse or bird at your feet if they go outdoors or their toy if they stay indoors. Not the kind of gift you’d expect to have but it’s a sweet gesture in the world of cats. Our advice? Don’t scold your cat for this normal behavior, but don’t praise it or you could end up with more gifts.

Crazy Things Cats Do #5: Skunk Smell

You might be weirded out when noticing a horrendous smell coming out of your cat. This smell is comparable to that of a skunk and it’s all but pleasant. Indeed, cats have two anal glands, one on either side of their anus, that produce a musky or fishy-smelling discharge. Usually, new cat parents are not aware of the existence of such glands. This bad smell is only released when your cat becomes extremely scared or excited. Don’t worry, if you calm your cat down, it doesn’t last long.

Crazy Things Cats Do #6: Knocking things over

Cats love to bat things off a table just to watch them hit the floor. They have an innate curiosity and they like to use their sensitive paws to knock things over to check things out. Being hunters, cats do this with their prey as well. Sometimes, they just do it to get your attention. So next time, make sure to get your table free of fragile items.

Crazy Things Cats Do #7: Drinking From Faucets

Cats prefer drinking water from faucets. They are attracted to running water because they believe it’s fresher water than the still bowl water that appears unhealthy to them. Every time you open the bath or kitchen faucet, expect your cat to come running and jumping at it to get its dose of “fresh” water. If you want to keep your cat away from sinks, try to get a cat water fountain.

Crazy Things Cats Do #8: Sticking Tongue

Does my cat think it’s a dog? Might be the first question you ask yourself after seeing your cat sticking its tongue out for a while (blep). Sometimes, cats blep just because they forget to put their tongues back in after being startled, during grooming, or being distracted from eating or smelling something. Bleeping during sleep could also mean a cat is relaxed. On the other hand, if your cat is sick or you feel its discomfort, it could stick its’ tongue out because of stress, anxiety, or nausea. Bleeping behavior is highly dependent on the cat’s situation at the given moment.

Crazy Things Cats Do #9: Zoomies

Did your cat get up and start running in your flat/house as if its life depended on it? These are zoomies and they’re probably the weirdest thing cats do. One moment, they’re sitting there, quiet and relaxed. Then, they just dart across the room at top speed. Don’t worry, they’re neither chasing ghosts nor going crazy. Zoomies, also known as Frenetic Random Activity Periods or FRAPS, is normal cat behavior that helps our furry friends express pent-up energy or kill boredom. According to Pet Health Network, zoomies are more likely to happen after using the litter box because they feel good and energetic after emptying.

Crazy Things Cats Do #10: Box Love

Got your cat a brand new toy? It’s more likely interested in the package it came in! There are numerous reasons that cats love boxes. Cat love confined, enclosed spaces. It helps them get cozy, have their own space, and sometimes use such places to hide before ambushing their prey. Boxes can help cat express their instinctive behaviour.

Crazy Things Cats Do #11: Staring

Cats stare a lot! They can sit still for a long period of time, without blinking, and stare into your eyes, crossing your very soul. No, they’re not planning your demise or world domination… Staring is just a cat showing its affection to you. However, if your cat is sitting on your chest staring at you, it’s likely trying to use its eyes to ask you for a favor such as food, water, or attention.