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1.5 yr


Rescued dog in a boarding facility waiting to be adopted. Super friendly with humans and dogs!

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3 mo


Sweet little doggy was in the street all alone, rescued and vaccinated. Currently in a boarding place looking for a loving family.

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Looking for Vets?

Looking for vets over google is a hassle? Don't worry, browse through our database of vets in the country.

Pet shop, grooming and veterinary service

Vitallia is a leader in Veterinary hospitals equipped with the latest technology...

Happy Puppy provides the best care for your pet Veterinary services (consultancy...

First night clinic in Lebanon and first female owned and operated clinic in Beir...

Animalife Veterinary Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility loca...


From the time our friends sniff their way through the door in the morning until they wag their tails out in the afternoon, we cater to their nature.

North American River Otter

The lively river otter of North America is well suited for semi-aquatic life. The creatures can stay warm when swimming ...

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Green Sea Turtle

The top shell of a green sea turtle makes it the easiest to identify one. With the exception of its head and flippers, t...

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A raccoon’s face is distinctive due to various markings. The black “mask,” which consists of big black...

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